Meeting rooms

Looking for a surprising meeting room right in the buzzing heart of Amstelveen? The Amstelveen Library offers two sophisticated meeting rooms, a (digital) classroom and a stage. Capacity varies from max 25 up to max 100 persons.

Pleinkamer, a room with a view

Nice space on the top floor for meetings and presentations. Various configurations possible.

  • beautiful view over the city square
  • for max 35 people
  • about 10 x 8 meters
  • flexible layout/setup
  • own kitchen with coffee and tee

Daypart rates (excl. BTW)

During opening hours / other hours:
€300,-  / €450,-

Partner price:
€150,-  / €250,-

Podium, stage

The stage has been subtly incorporated into the space on the first floor. The stage can be used with or without two types of curtains.

  • at the centre of the library
  • for max 100 people
  • about 15 x 7 meters
  • he noise-reducing curtains can be closed all around


Daypart rates (excl. BTW)

During opening hours / other hours:
€300,-  / €450,-

Partner price:
€150,-  / €250,-

Naturally, all rooms can be equipped with coffee, tea and technical supplies, such as an digiboard and a sound system*. The Library is easily accessible thanks to the A9 highway, the bus station and the parking garage under and next to the library.

*facilities rental / usages
Digiboard/smartboard Included in the price
Sound system with microphones upon request
Coffee or tea per can €13,75

Further information, reservations or questions?

For further information, availabiblity and meeting rooms in Aalsmeer and Uithoorn you can contact us by phone on 020-6414126 or you can send us an e-mail.

General conditions rental

In this document you will find our general conditions regarding rental and use of our libraries. For the time being this document is only available in the Dutch language.