Bksy: the app for sharing books

Reading is most fun if you can connect to the story without language barriers. With Bksy we want to make more books in different languages available to you!

Building a book collection together

Bksy is a free app for sharing your private book collection. A useful addition to the collection of the library!

As a library in an international area, we'd love to have many books in English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Malayam, Portuguese, etcetera. We try to set up these collections in a new way: by asking you to share your books via the app Bksy!

Do you like to contribute?
Your books stay your books. They even stay in your book cabinet. By adding them in Bksy, they will be visible to other users of Bksy. If they want to read your book, you'll get a request.

Users with books in your language
You can join one of our clubs to see users with books in the same language. Right now, we have a club with Spanish books and we look forward to start new clubs in other languges.

  1. Download Bksy

    ... and sign up.

  2. Add your books

    ... and join a club.

  3. Request a book

    ... and share your own.

Get started in 5 steps

  • 1: Account

    Download the app ‘Bksy’ and open an account.

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  • 2: Add

    Add books with the barcode.

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  • 3: Club

    Subscribe to 'Bookclub Amstelland' in your language.

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  • 4: Exchange

    Borrow books to or from others.

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  • 5: Meet-up

    Meet-up to exchange books.

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Join our Bookclub Amstelland - Spanish!

In the Bookclub Amstelland - Spanish you can add your own Spanish books and see other citizens of Amstelveen with Spanish titles.

Open the app, press 'Sociaal', 'Clubs' and search for: 'Bookclub Amstelland'.

Spanish will be our first club, before we introduce other languages.

We'd love to hear your thoughts!

My name is Meliza and I work at the library. I appreciate it if you would share your thoughts on Bksy with me, so we can learn from it. Feel free to contact me anytime by sending an e-mail to bksy@debibliotheekamstelland.nl.

Have fun with Bksy!